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Voice and Data cabling cat5e, cat6 and cat6a.

The right cabling installation will help your home or business make the most of its phone and data networks as Magnecom Ltd. provides certified data and telephone cabling installation — including UTP/FTP network cables, Category 5e/6/6a for new builds, renovations, expansions and system upgrades.

The company specialized in cabling for medical and dental clinics, small and medium offices, hotels and commercial space.

We are using high quality test gear to ensure your system is safe, easy to troubleshoot and meets all specifications and standards of Category 5e/6/6a.

Our voice and data cabling installations are labelled, tested, and certified so our clients know their systems are running at maximum efficiency.

Outdoor and Indoor, network cables category cat5e, cat6 and cat6a.

For data, network, voice, phone lines, Internet and security cameras.

Key stone inserts for cable termination cat5e, cat6 and cat6a.

Fits for data, phone and voice jacks.

Provide hard wire connection to your laptop, PC, IP phone, work station, network printer, or wireless router. 

EZ rj45, crystal ends for cable termination to network switch. category 5e/6/6a. Use for voice network and data

All combination of decora wall plates for data, voice,TV and network jacks. Fits for 1 line connection or multiple lines at the same spot. Also have in option surface, floor or wall mounted.

Patch panels 24/48 ports for cat5e,cat6 and cat6a. Use for network cable termination, data and voice lines, labeling and easy trace and testing.

Indoor and outdoor CCTV ( closed-circuit television) system installation. Works on network and data cables like cat5e, cat6 or coax cable. With recording ability and access from anywhere on your phone app.

Indoor and outdoor coax cables Installation.

For cable TV and satellite TV.

RG6, and shielded cable.

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